Putting the Flute Together


Flute Basics – Putting the Flute Together

Be mindful to handle the flute just as you would any delicate object such as your watch, a puppy or your friend’s new iPhone.  Putting the flute together is not difficult.  But it requires care.  Avoid wrapping your hand around the keys.  Begin by holding the head joint and wrapping your hand around the collar at the top of the body.  Carefully, push the head joint into the main body.  Next, hold the end of the foot joint where there are no keys.  Hold the rest of the flute by the collar of the main body in your other hand.  Gently slide the foot joint onto the body. 

Align the hole in the embouchure with the keys.  Align the roller(s) on the foot joint with the top rod on the body.  The position of the head joint and foot joint can be adjusted to suit the individual.  The head joint should be positioned to allow the flutist to produce the best possible sound throughout the range of the instrument.  Playing very little or no movement of the head or flute.  The foot joint should be adjusted to allow a slight bend or arc in the little finger of the right hand.

Again, remember to hold the flute by the collar at the top of the body, not by wrapping your hand around the keys.  Finally, take the flute apart in the reverse of putting it together, careful not to touch the keys.  Some flute players require frequent key adjustment and repair.  Sometimes as often as once a month!  This is almost always due to poor handling rather than long hours of practice.