Online Flute Lessons

Online Flute Lessons

Please submit the form on this page if you are interested in online flute lesson live at Real Flutist  Be sure to read the following policies. I will contact you regarding pricing and scheduling. Submitting the form only provides basic contact information. It does not obligate you to take flute lessons.  Please see teaching curriculum.

Lesson Application


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If you have difficulty with the online form, please download and complete the form.  Email to

Online Flute Lesson Policies


After receiving your application, I will contact you by email to explain the current pricing structure and schedule convenient lesson time.

Payment must be received before proceeding with lessons. Payments can be made by credit card or Paypal.

  1. Lessons can be paid for individually or in blocks of hours.  Payment can take a day or several weeks to be received depending on the payment method so it is recommended to pay in blocks of time after the first lesson. Blocks are also discounted.
  2. You will have 6 months to use a block of time or forfeit the remainder. Time will be subtracted from the block as used based on the rate when the block was purchased. A block will retain its hour value even if rates increase later. Another reason to purchase in blocks is to lock in the rate.
  3. Flute lesson fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. (i.e. You cannot give your lessons to your little sister.)
  4. Trial online flute lessons are available at a reduced rate. Only one trial lesson will be available per student.

How Online Flute Lessons are conducted

  1. Online Flute Lessons will start at our mutually agreed to time by the student contacting my Skype or Hangouts account. Lessons will end at the scheduled time unless I feel the need to extend.  If I extend the lesson time there will be no additional charge for the extra time.
  2. If the student is a child, parents are strongly encouraged to be present at least for the first few lessons.  I have a certified background check for teaching children.  This can be viewed on my profile at
  3. 30 minute and 1 hour lessons are available. It is recommended that children under 12 and early beginners take 30 minute lessons unless unusually advanced. All others should take 1 hour lessons. Generally, 1 hour of flute lessons per every 7 – 10 hours of practice is a good rule.
  4. I will decide whether to extend or reschedule a lesson if we experience connection difficulties.
  5. All online flute lessons will be via Skype or Google Hangouts. Correspondence will be via email. Please do not try to contact me outside of lesson times via Skype or Hangouts.


Lesson Cancellation

Cancellation must be given by email at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the lesson fee is subject to forfeiture.

Non-binding relationship. Neither of us are under contract. If something is not working, either of us can end the relationship amicably. Unused time will be refunded.



Contact outside of online flute lessons by students and parents will be by email. In addition to email, I will meet online with parents of students under 18 up to 15 minutes per month at no charge.  This will be for for updates and discussion.   More time may be allotted when needed at my discretion.


Online Flute Lesson Rules

  1. Our time together in the online practice room is the same as it would be in a live practice room. Both sides will act professionally at all times.
  2. Students will practice and try hard.
  3. Parents will take an active interest in their children’s music study. (…and act professional at all times.)
  4. Parents are always welcome at online flute lessons. Friends, pets, relatives, siblings… no.