SITE Your Music

Here comes another life lesson from Real Flutist in how to play the flute. It pays to prepare when you do something in life. Playing music is no different. Rushing headlong into a piece of[…]

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Go Big or Go Home

The title of this topic could also be, Play Big or Go Home.  If you want to be good at something, do it right and do it big.  This is certainly true when learning how[…]

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The Secret of Scales

Scales are the most misunderstood aspect of music. At best, novice and advanced flutist alike understand that flute scales makeup the building blocks of all music and should be learned well. At worst, and all too[…]

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Boy playing flute

Practice Flute

There are two things you need to learn to become a real flutist – or anything else for that matter. After that, Everything else comes down to raw talent. Effective Flute Practice Curriculum First, find[…]

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Ian Anderson

Flute Posture

The Basics of Posture Posture is the foundation of good playing. Unless you are playing in an ensemble, stand up when you play. Good flute posture will lead to much better sound.  Of course, this[…]

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Flute fingering is supported by two points – the base of the left forefinger and the tip of the right thumb. Mastering proper support gives nine fingers and the lips complete flexibility to play. The[…]

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